Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who am I?

I'm going to start new series of blog posts about my life and people who've come across my life.  It may not be in chronological order, just as I am led to share something.  I'm going to start with a brief history of my beginnings.

I was born Nov 7, 1965 at Olmstead Hospital in Rochester, MN.  During that time my parents and 22 month old sister lived in a cottage on a small gravel road leading to a campground near Zumbrota.  When I was about 2 we moved to an acreage east of Zumbrota where I lived until I was 18 and where my parents still live.  Our house was built around the end of the 1800s.  As there were only two kids at the time and we were young, we started out sleeping in the living room.  Exactly four years after I was born, along came the first son, my brother and then 20 months later a second son, my youngest brother who is the baby of the bunch.  At some point my sister and I moved upstairs into a room that was fairly small.  We had bunkbeds and a dresser.  When it was time to move the boys upstairs, we girls moved down the hall to the big bedroom.  We got to sleep on opposite sides of the room, have our own desks, dressers and we had a closet.  That was our room until my sister left for Bible school.  Finally, at long last, I had my own room, well until she came home for visits.  But the rest of the time I loved it.  No more being the target of the hard plastic hamper that broke a windowsill.  Room to do as I wished.  I lived there for 2 more years before I too ventured off to Bible School.  Now we call that room the dorm because it can house at least five grandkids at one time.

... to be continued.

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