Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Week

I am halfway through a crazy week of life.  It began by having a work schedule that didn't make a whole lot of sense.  I was scheduled for Monday thru Wednesday 12:30-9 rather than my usual 10:30-9.  The remaining six hours are scheduled for Friday 7:00-1.  That is 7 AM.  Still in the middle of the night as far as I'm concerned.  I do not know what 7 am looks like.  Upon stepping into the call center on Monday I noticed extra hours posted.  I'm all for extra hours if they fit into my schedule.  So I signed up for 9-12 am for both Tuesday and Wednesday.  Yes, that's right, for those of you who did the math, that means I would be working 12 hours two days in a row.  I decided I could do it for two days.  After day 1 of 12 hours I made it most of the way home only to discover I had a flat tire.  So I called Dan and he picked me up and I thought my extra hours for the next day would have to be given up.  But we delegated the car responsibility to the local car repair shop and now have a used tire on there.  And I was able to do the extra hours on today so I have finished those two days.  Tomorrow being Thursday I am off work to recuperate and go to bed early to be at work at 7 am sharp.  Then come Sunday we begin Daylight Savings Time.  It is generally the most hated day of the year except to those who thrive in early mornings.  This year we are teaching Sunday School during second service which means we go to the first service which starts at 9 am which I thought was early enough already.

I've also realized that there are many behaviors of Lilyana's that have come to a head recently.  Potty training has been a bust.  Eating what is being served is nonexistent.  She might be happy living on pb sandwiches and milk.  Obedience limits are being tested.  Sleeping in a regular bed (not a crib) is challenging unless she's already asleep when she's put down then she's okay.  We're really exhausted trying to keep up on all this.  But in spite of all this, we enjoy spending time with her and she is such a smart and creative kid.  She will take two pieces of a puzzle and use the fork picture to eat from the watermelon picture.  Or she'll take the horn picture in one hand and the guitar picture in another and "play" the instruments.  She's learned the difference between a guitar and violin.  She's recognizes the word watermelon, among many others.

So I will plug away on the rest of the week and look forward to being back to the routine next week and then see what the next week will bring for my work schedule.

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  1. Sounds grueling. Glad you survived. It would appear toddler wars are right on track. Hang on she's absorbing a ton of information. Being distracted by varietys of foods, sleeping and potty training are low on her priority. She'll get there!