Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Call me Nahna

I have a most delightful little girl even when she refuses to take a bath.  Sigh. 

I was in the shower this morning and Dan's cell phone rang.  He was at work and so it rang and rang and rang.  Finally Lilyana picked it up.  I think she was too late but she answered it and started talking as she sometimes does.  She talked and talked like someone was on the phone.  Finally I heard, "okay, bye, bye."  As I continued getting ready to go to town she was still playing with it and I didn't think much more about it.  We  got to the store and my phone rang.  As I answered it and started talking I see her opening up Dan's phone and talk on it.  I'm thinking "where did she carry the phone?"  This little girl had put the phone in her pocket and carried while we walked to the post office and around the store without me knowing she had it.  I was quite amused.  I think it's still in her pocket.

I recently resigned from my very stressful job and one of the many people I'll miss is my friend, Missy Green.  She's a very happy, upbeat, friendly, helpful person.  But I will think of her often, at least once a day, because many times I when I say thank you or something to Lilyana I'll call her Missy, just because it sounds fun.  Every time Lilyana will say, it's Nahna.  Today when we got home from the store I said, "thank you, Missy."  She said "call me Nahna."  I found it amusing.