Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In 1997 we started our careers in AWANA ...

14 years ago ...

the year we were married ...

before kids.

We knew nothing about it and the kids we taught in Cubbies that first year are the same age as our son who just turned 18.

We were paid in hugs and smiles and memorized Scripture.  And the first year we even were blessed with crafts the kids made as a gift to us for our wedding -- candy canes made with pipe cleaners and red and white beads.  We still have them and they adorn our tree ... when we have one.

We served in Cubbies for seven years.  During that time we adopted Calsey and Seth.  Calsey was too old for AWANA and Seth spent two years in TNT before we decided to take a break and eventually moved.

Since our break Calsey and Seth have become adults and we now have a Cubbie of our own.  Lilyana joined the ranks tonight and I can't wait to help her memorize Scripture and learn about Jesus.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


We drove through the color infused Minnesota River valley and bluffs of southeastern Minnesota.

We walked on a squash-laden porch.

Mother, daughter and granddaughter worked side by side making the most cherished American dessert -- apple pie.  Lunch was made of America's most feel-good dish -- chicken noodle soup.

We walked through the woods finding the treasures of three-year-olds and seeing where the paths would lead.

We experienced fall in our great state of Minnesota; most of which was on 7 acres I called home for 16 years.  Lilyana considers it her home away from home.  She knows how to have fun ... swinging, climbing trees, tireswinging, crawling across wood piles, walking through the woods, gathering sticks and running, running, running. 

We had a beautiful mini-vacation; we came home with a mountain of apple and squash goodness and will be back soon to experience it again and be of service.