Sunday, August 29, 2010

Scrapbook, the Bible and my pantry

I finally finished (I think) the scrapbook for Lilyana's first year. If you're not my friend on FB here's a link to the finished product Hopefully there aren't any typos. Order is due by Tuesday. I wonder how many times I can proof it before I order it.

I've also decided to do the Bible in 90 days ( I need you to hold me accountable on this. Ask me every day how I'm doing. I've never read the Bible through cover to cover. I'm guessing in all my 44 plus years I've probably read most every verse at least once between Sunday School, VBS, BSF, Bible School and church services. I start with Genesis 1:1 through 16:16 tonight as soon as I finish listening to the weekly message.

Tuesday I start work on the pantry. My goal for Tuesday is to get it all emptied into an organized fashion. Then next weekend (Labor Day weekend) will wipe it clean, paint it, put some flooring material in and put some misc. shelving material up. The idea is to use materials that are available at our house right now so it won't be an expense for us. Wish me luck.

Have a good night and hopefully your week is blessed and positive.

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