Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nothing Will Separate Me From My Nap

Well, today didn't really go according to plan. The Plan was to get up around 9, get ready and head to Walmart in Hutch where there was a Dora the Explorer birthday bash with free cupcakes and pictures. Since I need to do more errands in Hutch I figured we could take advantage of that occasion even though I had images of children everywhere like ants crawling all over the place.

Well the first part of The Plan went awry when we slept until almost 10. After a very huge disappointment, breakfast, shower, finishing up lists, etc. we were headed off. The next part of The Altered Plan was when we were halfway to Glencoe and discovered we didn't have the diaper bag. So we turned around, picked up the diaper bag and headed back out. Finally we reached Hutch.

After walking through the store we found a stand where apparently the Dora occasion had been. No people only napkins, coupons for free photos and merchandise. We picked up a coupon and decided it was okay since Lilyana doesn't really know who Dora is so she wasn't disappointed. Because I was disorganized we walked back and forth across the store several times to get the things on my list. We finished our shopping and went to the checkout. When all was said and done we got more than $30 of merchandise for $.40 which doesn't include the mail-in rebates I have to send in.

Then we stopped at Subway for lunch. I usually get my sandwich with only bread, meat, cheese, lettuce and sauce. I decided to get a footlong to share with Lilyana and load up on vegetables since she will eat almost any vegetable. Dan was waiting my body to convulse watching them load up my sandwiches with veggies. We ate lunch and decided to change the diaper before we left. I went to take off with Lilyana while Dan cleaned up our lunch. But she wasn't having any of that. She's been very clingy since Dan's been back (all of 24 hours). Even when in Walmart she didn't want us to separate.

So we cleaned up lunch, discovered she had leaked and walked to the back of the store to use the family restroom all the time Dan carrying her with her wet shorts. Changing her diaper in a public restroom is a torturous experience. For some reason and from my knowledge no experience, she doesn't like the changing tables hanging off the wall. She will scream and grip to keep from having to lay on them. So it took both of us to change her. And we left Walmart.

We went to Menards, purchased $60 on merchandise with $30 in rebates and a grape sucker for Lilyana. (Yes, I know it's store credit but that's where we get our softener salt among other house repair items so it's just like cash anyway.) We were leaving Hutch about 2:30 (90 minutes past the beginning of nap time). Lilyana lasted until about 3 miles from home before she nodded off. We had thought that we could pull her out the van and and lay her down. She cried after Dan laid her down and we laid down for a little bit before deciding that she wasn't going to settle down. We finally put her in bed with us but she never did settle down.

So now we're up, relaxing a little and letting it cool down before doing some outside chores. Maybe when we're done watching Lyle the Kindly Viking (I know it should probably be underlined but I couldn't find the underline button).

If you've made it this far, congratulations, you really do love me to have read all that.

Oh, and the title, nothing will separate me from my nap tomorrow. I am very protective of nap time for both me and Lilyana. Since I didn't get one today I need one tomorrow since I have to work Monday.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

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