Saturday, May 1, 2010

Two Years

When I woke up on this day two years ago I had no idea I would be meeting my baby daughter for the first time that day. I went in for my weekly ultrasound and doctor appointment at what I thought was 35 week and found myself checked into the hospital and hearing the doctor tell me "we're cutting at 5:00." At 5:10 pm he pulled a white, skinny, screaming baby from my abdomen. I got to touch her before she was whisked off to the heat lamp to be checked out by the pediatrician. After she was taken upstairs while I waited in recovery we discovered that she was about 7 weeks early, weighing in at 3 lb 12 oz. But as has been a consistent pattern with her, she needed less special treatment in the nursery than some of the other babies even though she was half their size. She spent five days in the hospital for observation and we took her home weighing 3 lb 14 oz. Since that day she has never been to the doctor because she was sick, having only a few colds along the way. She has been the light of our lives, brightener of our day and lover of life. She is the reason we get out of bed. God has blessed us with a miracle and we are grateful every day. Happy Birthday Lilyana. We love you.

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