Sunday, May 2, 2010

Illusion or Delusion

Even though it's quite windy outside we spent quite a bit of time there. I decided to dust off my bike and the bike trailer to give Lilyana a ride. After hooking it up and airing up the tires, we were off down the road. As I was cranking through all the gears and really not doing a lot of work I was very impressed with how much better shape I was in this year than last. It was really easy going down the road. That self-admiration lasted about 60 seconds when two realizations came to me: 1. The wind was at my back and about 15 seconds later realization number two: it's going to be a rough ride back. So I rode to the end of the road (about 3/4 mile from home) turned around and began the ride home. When I realized I would probably be spinning in place and not going anywhere I gave up and walked the bike and toddler home.

Ahh, yes, thus begins my summer.

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