Monday, May 24, 2010

My new title

On Tuesday, May 18 at 6:13 I began a new chapter in my life giving me a new title: Grandma. Calsey gave birth to Ayden Jackson Minh Tran weighing 7.2 lbs and 19 inches long. He has a head of dark hair like his Vietnamese dad. Mom and baby are home and doing well. He has already gained 9 oz since coming home on Thursday. We plan to go down this weekend to see them. Anyone may call me Grandma as they wish and I will take that as a compliment and blessing.

Other items of note: Thursday, Friday and Saturday I struggled with migraines off and on. Finally on Sunday morning at 3 am I decided to go to the ER. It was that or have Dan drill a hole in my temple. So I drove myself to the ER and they gave me Toradol which didn't completely get rid of all the pain. I was also told that I could get a dose of Demerel but would need a ride home. I called Dan at least 50 times hoping that one of the rings would make it into his subconciousness. But that didn't happen. I then called a friend from work/church who lives in the same town and she graciously said she would come and get me. She said she had woken up at 3 am and not been able to get back to sleep and had just been wandering around her house wondering why she was awake. It was so that she would be awake at 4:30 to answer the phone and come and get me. What a great friend! I ended taking off the last half of day of work today because I was so tired I could barely stay awake. That many migraines in that few days plus drugs takes some time to recover.

There's not much else of note going on. We plodding on and plugging away.

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