Monday, March 1, 2010

Tribute to Mothers

I wrote this post one morning when I was thinking about the roles of Calsey's moms in her life.

One of the definitions of mother according to is "something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else." How many people can say they have three women that meet that definition? Well, Calsey can. Let me tell you about her three mothers.

Cari is Calsey's biological mother. Cari gave Calsey the greatest gift ever -- LIFE. I think that meets the definition of exercising protection. Cari also taught Calsey to love children and learn how to take care of them as Calsey looked after her younger brothers and sister. Cari also taught Calsey to like many fruits and vegetables. Calsey is less picky about vegetables than I am. Thank you, Cari, for giving Calsey life and the things you taught her when she was in your care.

Shelley is Calsey's foster mom. She took Calsey in during the time when workers were looking for an adoptive home. Shelley treated Calsey like one of her own with love and chores. Shelley taught Calsey the beginnings of how to trust when Calsey divulged her deepest, darkest secret. Shelley grieved with her and comforted her. And Shelley was with Calsey when she had to tell others, encouraging her and helping her. Shelley was part of another greatest gift ever in Calsey's life -- NEW LIFE. Calsey gave her life to Jesus while in Shelley's care. Shelley bought Calsey a flute and Calsey has become a wonderful flutist. Shelley continued to encourage Calsey's love of children in her three year old daughter Kelsey and her houseful of day care kids. Shelley also showed Calsey what severe Reactive Attachment Disorder looks like in the form a foster daughter whose behavior was beyond out of control. Thank you, Shelley, for taking Calsey to church so she could find Jesus and for letting her take her flute with her when she moved out of your home.

I am Calsey's adoptive mom. In my care Calsey continued her relationship with Jesus by attending Sunday School, quizzing and youth group events. Calsey continued her flute playing and learned to play piano. She is very musically talented. Calsey also learned tap and jazz dance where she is also so very talented. Calsey learned that reading is fun and honed her swimming strokes. Calsey has experienced loss and handled it with grace.

During this time while Calsey is on her way to becoming a mother I wanted to help her by giving her some mothering definitions. Calsey is very blessed to have three mothers who love her and want her to succeed. She is a very special girl and God has some very special plans for her.

Calsey, your mothers love you and will be there for whenever you need us. We will always want the very best for you and your baby. I hope you can take the best of all your mothers and implement them in your mothering.

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