Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Good Sunday

After not sleeping at all last night we decided to go to early service today. Normally that is not something we do since it is very difficult for me to get up before 8 am and Lilyana normally doesn't wake up until 9 am. But we were all awake and went to early service.

After church we headed to Mankato as I wanted to go to a few places where I could practice my couponing. We stopped first at Michaels. I didn't get anything there, just did some browsing. Oh, I take that back. I bought a princess disney paddle ball for Lilyana for .54. Then we went on to Walgreens. I spent about $10 which included $4 in coupons. Next was Aldi where I purchased a pineapple and two bags of salad greens for under $3. Next on to Walmart. I got Calsey some mascara (free) and a Banquet family sized entree (free after rebate). Dan was the big spender with oil. Last but not least was Target. We had a $10 gift card from transferring a prescription and spent all but .30. That transaction included free toothpaste for Lilyana.

For a special treat we stopped at the merry go round in the mall. I went on it with Lilyana while Dan took pictures. She didn't want to hold on to the pole so she hung onto my fingers with a death grip. But she had a good time. We finally arrived home around 3:30 and Dan put her in bed as she had fallen asleep home.

On the ride home we drove by a levi keeping the water off the road. We saw where the water was above the road to LeSueur. We were going the opposite direction so it didn't keep us from our route. That was an alternate route for us since we couldn't go through Henderson which is at the bottom of the valley and has two roads flooded.

After we got home it was work, dinner, play outside. All in all it was a very nice Sunday.

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