Sunday, March 21, 2010


So one of Lilyana's new bathtime games is laying on her stomach and drinking the water ... with or without soap, she is not picky. We gave her a bath tonight and she started by taking every toy, one at a time, out of the toy bucket and putting it in the tub. Then it was time to get undressed and put in the tub. As Dan was washing her hair she decided to stand up and stomp her feet to splash water. That is new and was not very much for Dan as he was getting water in his eyes. Then she picked up her cup to pour water but the toy she pours water into (it's a small plastic "amusement park" for small plastic animals where you can pour water into a cup and it will turn the wheel) isn't in the tub. She stands up, looks around and spots it. She then points to it and we get it and suction it to the tub wall for her. Now her bath is complete and ready to enjoy.

I wanted to get a picture but couldn't find the camera. It seems it's used to take pictures of engine parts, etc. as much as it is to take pictures of Lilyana.

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