Saturday, December 17, 2011

Baby Steps Out Day 2 and 3

I did days 2 and 3 together because I forgot to look up Day 2.

Day 2 we were offered a video to watch enough times to get it into our heads.  If you want to know what video it was visit here.

It was quite fun to watch and I might just watch it every time I'm feeling down.

One day 3 we were asked to write a letter to someone who had had an impact on our lives thanking them for that impact.  The body of the note was all written.  It just needed to be personalized by me.  I wrote it to my daughter, Calsey, thanking her for her impact on my life and that I'm glad she's my daughter.

If you want to read the note and send one yourself visit here.

So far I love this series and they really are short tasks to do every day that don't hurt.

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