Saturday, December 24, 2011

Baby Steps Out and Christmas

Before I get into the bulk of my post I want to update you on the Baby Steps Out:

Day 6 -- I did not do this one.  Too lazy.
weekly challenge number one -- I did this one in my gratitude journal
Day 7 -- I did this one.  Lovely arrangement.
Day 8 -- I did this one because I am also a list person.
Day 9 -- Fly Lady -- I tried this once and became so overwhelmed that it causes me anxiety to even hear and see those words again.
Day 10 -- I can and will do this but just haven't yet.

Okay, so that's out of the way.

I wrote a post on FB and really felt I wanted to expend on it (I really should be packing to leave town for the next four days).  It started like this:

I should be happy on the eve of Jesus' birth but I'm kind of sad. I don't know why. Maybe because there is the expectation that Christmas=happiness but those of us who have experienced miserable Christmases know that it's not true. I would love nothing better than to redefine the way we celebrate Jesus' birth. Outspending, outdecorating, outbaking, outeating are not the way Christ would want us to remember Him. Maybe outserving, outloving, outgiving from our excess and not our debt would be better ways. I cry when I see, hear and read about so many going without food and clothes ... basic necessities.  I cry when I see many going without loved ones ... either because they've died or been taken away.  I cry when I think about the lives of kids that will never be the same because of early trauma and neglect which will color their Christmas "fun" and the parents they will take it out on.  I cry knowing the world, our society in which we have to live, will never be healed and free until they embrace the healing and freedom that Christ alone can give.  Until then, we are doomed to live in a society where kids give birth to kids, where kids kill kids, where family members hurt family members.  I pray every day for Jesus to come back.  I do not have the energy or will to live in a world where I don't see any hope of change expect for Jesus.  I know at the end times thing are to get worse.  I don't want the world to get worse than it already is.  I am ready to go and take my people with me.
Or maybe it's just the 40s hormones.
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (because I probably won't get a post written then)

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