Friday, September 2, 2011


I just realized today there are some milestones happening this weekend.

We have lived here now for five years.  I don't know whether it's amazing-good or amazing-bad the enormous amount of things that have happened in those five years.  Now that I think about it, some of both.

One amazing-good thing is Lilyana which is another milestone.  Our little miracle baby will officially graduate from the church nursery.  Okay, so our church doesn't have nursery graduations but this will be her last official Sunday in nursery.  I say official because she's been attending preschool Sunday School all summer and she will be in first service nursery two Sundays a month because we are volunteering.  She started attending nursery at 8 months.  She would fall asleep on the way to church and we would lay her in the portacrib until she woke up.  She could barely sit up on her own.  I would put her snowsuit or some other padding behind her to cushion her fall.  She has come a long way. 

My parents will celebrate 53 years of marriage on Monday.  Three years ago when we celebrated their 50th she was only four months old and tiny.  This picture below shows the entire family except for our son Seth.  Now my brother has moved to Las Vegas, and my sister has moved to St. Francis, KS.  We are now even more spread out than we were three years ago.

Now she is 3 1/4 years old and taking on the world.

A weekend of milestones.

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