Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Color Coordination

Last week I took this color vision challenge.  My result was 0 which means I have perfect color vision.  And while I don't color coordinate the crayons in the box I do like to have my daughter's clothes color coordinated before going out in public.

Recently we've discovered that her favorite color is green.  Even though we told her it should be pink, it's still green.  I've been letting her pick her own clothes out once in a while with the hope that she'll pick something that coordinates so that we can go out in public.  She does, after all, have several shades of pink.  This morning, however, she decided she wanted green.  She picked out a green t-shirt with a design and plaid shorts that might have green in them but are mostly yellow and blue.  Definitely not color coordinated.

So don't be looking for us out in public today.  We will stick close to home and I will be looking for a 12-step program to cure my need for perfect color coordination in my daughter's clothes.

(I'd take a picture but my new-to-me phone doesn't have a data cable so I have to wait for Dan to come home so we can switch sim cards.)

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