Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thistles, Earthworms and Obedience

Our church meets in an elementary school. So of course there is a playground on the property. We took Lilyana to the playground after church for fun. She climbed to the top of two big slides but wasn't brave enough to go down either one. When we decided to leave, she cried all the way to the van because she just wasn't ready to go yet.

After our nap we went outside. I decided it was time to dig up the thistles in the garden. So while Dan dug them out I took the dirt of and threw them in a wagon. Apparently having 20 cats does have a positive side. The dirt was full of worms. I picked a couple up and showed them to Lilyana and she took them from me, inspected them and placed them gently back on the ground. Hopefully we'll have a nice healthy garden this year.

On our property we have a back shed and a chicken house, among other buildings. These two buildings each have one corner that almost meet with about a two foot space in between. One night a few weeks ago Lilyana and Dan went through that space to the back pasture. Well, today she decided she wanted to do that again but we were busy in the garden. After several attempts to verbally keep her from going back there I decided to try the consequence thing. So I asked her if she wanted to go in the house. She said, "no." So I told her that if she went through there I would take her in the house. After teetering on the edge she successfully obeyed and moved away from that area. I was quite excited to have had probably the first successful "discipline/consequence" parenting experience with her. It sure brought back memories of the failed one with our other two kids.

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