Saturday, January 15, 2011


When Lilyana was just a couple weeks old and about 4 1/2 pounds I got up one morning only to discover she was not in her crib.  I looked over and saw that Dan was sleeping and realized she must be there somewhere.  I started to panic when I realized that she had scooted herself down so she was completely covered by her blanket.  My panic subsided when I discovered that, yes, she was still breathing and all was well.  Ever since then we have looked on her many times while she slept to see that her whole body, head and all, were covered by her blankets.  Her most recent "pacifier" is the sit-n-spin and she prefers to ride it with a stocking cap over her entire head.   From the very beginning she has been comforted by being cocooned from head to toe.

By the way, she puts the stocking cap on herself and she is in no danger.

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