Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's 9 days after June 1st when I was going to update you on my garden.  Nothing has been going on since I planted it ... except watering.  In Minnesota we have barely seen the sun or 70 degrees so the plants aren't growing.

However, yesterday when I went out to water I found this ....

Yes, that is a tiny tomato.  
On my two early girl plants.  

I'm not sure it will amount to much considering the plant is this tall ...
When I bought my tomato plants, two of them already had one or two blossoms.  Thus the tomatoes.  I probably should have plucked the flowers but I didn't think it would take this long for the plants to grow.

Praying for warmth and sun.  
Too bad my brother didn't pack some on his way here from Las Vegas where I heard it's 110 degrees.

Hopefully July 1 will be full of tall plants and growing fruits and vegetables.

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