Monday, July 23, 2012


One Year. 

That's how much time we have to decide what Lilyana will do for schooling.  I am torn between homeschooling and the local charter school.

I want to homeschool because I want her to have the time she needs each day to do her school work.  If she needs more time than is allowed in "regular" school, then she should have it.  If she works fast (like I do) and gets her school work done, I want her to be free to do what she wants.  No sitting around in class bored while other kids finish their work.  I also want to be her first teacher and see her learn and discover.

The advantage to sending her to the local charter public school is that she will be able to interact with other kids, be in classes that include older kids and get a chance to learn how to behave in a classroom -- taking turns, listening to the teacher, no talking unless given permission.  So really this option is more for social interaction and social learning than academic learning.

Since we can't afford preschool, the academic learning she'd receive there is being done at home.  I plan to work on printing, more math and reading this year.  Preschool would also be good for the social learning which she doesn't get at home.

In either case, I am always on the look out for homeschool material, just in case or as an addition to learning at away from home school, should we choose that option.  While doing this I recently came across a huge giveaway of homeschool material for all ages, $700 worth.  Imagine how giddy I would be if I were to win this.  I might even share it with other homeschool moms I know.

I welcome comments to give me food for thought as we make this decision.

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