Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Third Birthday

I cannot believe three years has passed since we brought home our 3 lb 12 oz baby girl.  Time has passed so quickly. 

After an eventful week of illness for me we traveled to Zumbrota to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma.  Since I had been in the hospital overnight and was pretty frazzled I totally forgot to pack church clothes so I did the unthinkable and brought my little girl on her birthday to church ... in jeans (gasp). 

Mom and I made cupcakes and since Lilyana is in love with Word World she sees cupcakes and says "share the pupcakes, don't eat the pupcakes."  

We celebrated with Grandpa and Grandma and Lilyana's great Aunt Rosella.  We had a great time.  Next time you see her ask her how old she is.  She'll say "free." 

She is so fascinated with letters.  She sorts them, lines them up.  She'll even bring letters to you and lay them.  Sometimes they will be put in the correct order for whichever word she wants but always she will have the correct letters and tell which word it is.  And she will be great at spelling bees because she always says the letters and then states what the word is.  Truck and water are two of her favorites.

We haven't made it in for her three year well check yet.  We had anticipated letting it lapse because her pediatrician told us last year that she could skip it.  But we have some things we want to discuss with him so after that's done we'll have a new weight/height to update you on.

But until then we'll continue with reading and spelling and playing outside which are three of her favorite activities.

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