Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shhh ... Spring

Do I dare say it?  You know, the S word.  No, not snow.

That's right.  SPRING.  I think spring has finally arrived in Minnesota.  Temps in the 50s.  Sun.  Lilac buds.  Yep, all those define spring.  We have even taken the risk of .....

... setting up the trampoline.  The risk of snow is less than the joy of jumping.  And added to the battle of food, sleep, dressing and obedience is the "hat transition."  I wonder how long it will take to forget the winter hat and put on a summer hat.  I did get her take off the hat.  It's now hidden.

More signs of spring ....


I love perennials.  

And, yes, that's my garden.  I didn't do anything to clean it up last fall.  We were not prepared for winter to arrive when it did and to have weekly snow falls.  We haven't decided if we're going have a garden this year.  Dan wants to move it.  

And one last picture.

Happy Spring!


  1. Love the pics! Yes spring brings a feeling of hope. How long you gonna hide the hat?

  2. Umm, she asked for it after she got back in the house. It'll be a gradual thing or I'll give her a baseball type cap to replace when I find it.